Smart phone to medical device in five (not so) easy steps


Josephine would describe herself as an experienced amateur having taught herself to code to pursue a master’s in biomedical engineering. She was awarded the prestigious Engineers Trust Cadzow Smith Engineering Award for her work with the Saving Lives at Birth research team in 2020. Now, she’s looking to pivot into cyberspace and hopes to never stop learning.

Twitter: @m157y573p

Talk Contents

As smartphones become more advanced, more and more opportunities to use them to solve big global issues emerge. One of these issues is neonatal jaundice, or liver failure in new born infants. This relatively common condition affects up to 80% of premature births. Treatment relies on early diagnosis, and lack of treatment can be disabling and potentially fatal. Traditionally diagnosis has been based on the skin colour of infants, a technique which is less effective for infants with darker skin tones, and the alternatives have been prohibitively expensive.
In this talk I will present a novel technique to diagnose liver dysfunction using an app based on the android camera2 API, a little creativity and a lot of Java. This smartphone application uses RAW image data to perform subtracting colorimetric analysis on the white of the eye. This talk is perfect for anyone interested in app development, image analysis or the power of creative coding and will be beginner friendly!