OPSEC – Overly Presenting Some Erroneous Content


An Infosec hobbyist noob that works as a software dev by day and likes lots of loud music at night!

Talk Contents

“My rookie BeerCon2 talk on OPSEC as A Way Of Life explained how using OPSEC (Operations Security) helped me convince bouncers I wasn’t an underage drinker / DJ growing up and how to keep on the right side of the law when confronted by drug dealers to be a runner.

This talk extends that to provide some suggestions on what you can do when you can’t completely lockdown your life but you don’t want people knowing everything about you either. Social Media is a great example of this need where giving some information is beneficial in building trust, but too much can called problems for your Operations Security with potentially dangerous outcomes. In particular, using OSINT poisoning (could be described as Overly Presenting Some Erroneous Content) has a massive part to play in helping keep a handle on your OPSEC.

We will also frame a story from 90s clubland about trying to keep my house clear from afterparties as another OPSEC case study and how Overly Presenting Some Erroneous Content prevented after parties from turning into huge raves in their own right!”