Honeypot WarGames

Bio: I’ve been a mediocre hacker since the time when hackers couldn’t change their handle, so I’m stuck with the one I chose when I was 14. I have a background in physics, system engineering and security architecture. I currently lead a team securing a multi-national company.

Talk Contents: This talk is about having fun with honeypots. The talk centres around running a honeypot at home for the last 6 months and the adventures that I have had with it. The talk will be about the data the I have gathered, the visualisations of the attacks that I have put together, the threat actors dictionary (which I will release), the types of attacks that we see and what hackers do once they are inside. I will be releasing my crappy code (used to create https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efB71f87oWI) used to graphically interpret cowrie logs. I will also talk about the good that we can do by catching new malware, feeding community blocklists and how businesses can leverage them.