Burnout is here.


Chloé Messdaghi is a changemaker who grows tech startups, and co-founded Women of Security (WoSEC) and Hacking is NOT a Crime, and founded WeAreHackerz. She is an international keynote speaker at major information security and tech conferences and events, and serves as a trusted source for national and sector reporters and editors. Additionally, she is one of the Business Insider’s 50 Power Players of Cybersecurity, a SC Magazine honoree, Cybersecurity Advocate of the Year by WSC, and Cybersecurity Women of the Year by Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

She holds a Master of Science (M.S.) from The University of Edinburgh, and a BA in International Relations from University of California, Davis, as well as a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from Wharton and other professional certificates.

Talk Contents:

Abstract: Have you ever felt like no matter how much sleep you get, you feel exhausted? Struggle to concentrate? Having trouble balancing work and personal life? Or perhaps feel your work is your life?

Burnout. We all go through it at one point. It feels like you are low on battery and it can cause emotional and physical issues.

Mental health is an ongoing issue within infosec before and during COVID-19. There’s a fine balance between hacking and personal life. Majority of the time, they cross over. This talk shares an overview of the warning signs, symptoms, and practices to prevent burnout and how to deal with burnout to keep balanced.