Brute force phishing.. (how not, how correctly and why phish)

Bio: Rachel is a Cybersec talent from Nigeria. Dom is a cyber dinosaur os with more than 30 years of experience in cyber. Dom is Rachel’s mentor and we have co-presented Rachel first security conference speaking slot at the Hek.si Sloweniar Cybersecurity conference and have been invited (due to excellent feedback) to present again at the grand sommer cybersecurity conference in Slovenia. I presented last year at last years TMHC Isolation Con.

Talk Contents:

Rachel and I will talk about phishing. How can you phish effectively and efficient? What type of phishing are you applying? Where do get the best OSINT info for creating deadly personalized phishing emails. But also keep an eye on the risks and dangers of running corporate phishing attacks. We now some of the bad examples from the press i.e. the Godaddy phishing: GoDaddy sent an email to its employees with an announcement of a $650 annual bonus, revealing two days later that it was in fact just a test and the only “bonus” awaiting those who tried to claim it was additional security training. We will do demos based on a tool and deliver on the sides, how you do proper phishing in the corporate world.